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Mandakini Origins

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The Spice Heritage of Malabar

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Mandakini -Malabari Vaatte


Malabari Means a native or inhabitant of Malabar Region.

The name Malabari was inspired from the book"Hortus Malabaricus" meaning - The Garden of Malabar by Dutch East India Company Governor of Malabar Hendrik Van Rheede along with renowned Herbalist Itty Achutan Vaidyar in AD1678 which gives a detailed flora of the Malabar region.


Vaatte is the traditional Malayalam word for the unaged distilled spirit.

Malabari Vaatte is inspired by the traditional vaatte with rich ingredients from the tropical rainforests of the Malabar region, The once spice capital of the world. Malabar is the Land of monsoons and is located in the western part of the peninsula of India, Between the Western Ghats mountains and the Arabian sea.

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